Big News from Up North

Team Jordan (Sparklers) is on a serious roll, racking up the working titles so fast that it is hard to keep track. Her latest is quite the Accomplishment (yes, with a capital A) — the Canadian Kennel Club’s Draft Dog Excellent (DDX).


In the USA, draft titles are through breed clubs like the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America (BMDCA). In Canada, drafting is done through the Canadian Kennel Club, which has a draft program that our own dear Aysha described as “batshit” (as in crazy hard).

I pulled up the Regulations and Aysha’s comment is not actually hyperbole.

The requirements for DDX are very challenging and include working from behind the dog, a backpacking portion, three judges, and my personal least favorite — the dog may never sit or down during the majority of the test.

I thought the Americans had the corner on that whole Protestant work ethic thing but I guess our neighbors to the north are also a bit hard on idleness.

Anyway, Team Jordan passed that test — on a hot day, no less — before her 2.5 year old birthday. It is entirely appropriate to be super impressed and blown away by this young team.

As Dianne noted in her Facebook post — Jordan is aptly named: Kaibab’s Just Watch Me. This girl has been worth watching since she was tiny. She is something special.

3 Jordan (1).jpg

I am grateful to Dianne for ensuring that Jordan is living her Best Life and realizing her deep potential.

CONGRATULATIONS to Team Jordan on this significant title and all it represents!