Monday Round-Up

Congratulations are in order to Team Jordan (Sparkler) who was shown (Owner-Handled) in Washington over the weekend — Winner’s Bitch one day and Reserve Winner’s Bitch twice.

Jordan Aug 2019.jpg

Jordan’s irregular markings give some judges pause. Markings should be considered the frosting — Jordan’s cake is very well done, and that is hard to deny. Congratulations to Team Jordan.

Tristan (iPup) is burning up the agility courses back east. Alison sent me a video of a 33 (speed) point Preferred Masters Standard run — HOLY FAST.

Sparkler Abbie has her own important job.

Abbie Aug 2019.jpg

Collective AHHHHH. Strong Work, Abbie!

Meanwhile in Montana, the answer is still NOPE. But I have a plan! I am going to enter Claire in a show — they always come in season when I make other plans for them.


This is Hal and his BFF, Abby (Sparkler). SO cute! Both of them.

Thank you, Kathy!

Thank you, Kathy!


Daisy July 17.jpg

rePete has a better recall than most dogs.



Claire and Daisy.


Claire has kindly refrained from going into season just yet — adding in the trip to breed her on top of everything else might send me straight into unraveled.

However, she is at eight months now so it will be any day. Maybe a few days away might be a blessing — washing dishes in the bathtub is no picnic, I assure you.

Happy Thursday to ALL.

A Family Affair

Collective ahhhhh…

Hal and friends.jpg

That tiny trainer (note he is holding a clicker!) is Hal. He is with two Sparklers — Abbie (his canine sibling) and Zimmer, who lives with his grandparents, Kathy and Jack.

Kathy reports that Hal, who is just 15 months, is a champion talker and has given Zimmer a new name: Zimmie, Zimmie Zoo. How cute is that??!

Grandparent and dog support were needed because Hal’s mom, Ashlee, just had surgery for acute appendicitis. YIKES. Good wishes to Ashlee on a speedy and uneventful recovery.