Just Another Nope Update

The math is getting stressful. Only a few more days — maybe a week — until Claire’s hoped-for litter will be too young to show at the May National Specialty.

I especially want my puppy — if we are blessed enough to have one — to be ready for Specialty tracking. That, however, requires that said puppy be six months old on the day of the tracking test.

Come on, Claire!!!

This is not Claire — I just like the photo.

This is not Claire — I just like the photo.

This anxious waiting is another cost of breeding. I am reluctant to enter any shows or plan any trips, and this is delaying some of my goals — like Harper’s CD — and it means I am missing fun weekends with friends.

People ask if I can meet on August XX and I cannot give a firm commitment — unless it is within the next 12 days. This is not conducive to life as a professional.

Further, it is looking like I will need to travel during the semester and while I can stay on top of things remotely, it still makes me feel flaky and anxious to be absent for a few days.

I know I have said this before but it bears repeating — breeding dogs well is not for the faint of heart, and that is for all kinds of reasons.

I am certain October is safe (knock on wood) and so Daisy will be in three agility trials in October. Agility is most certainly her Superpower — and it is a lot of fun for both of us.

Yes, that is Claire’s collar. It was a grab ‘n go kind of walk.

Yes, that is Claire’s collar. It was a grab ‘n go kind of walk.

Harper B for Being Patient says she is fine waiting a bit to finish her CD.

Harper August 2019.jpg

After all, the Dog Days of Summer are pretty awesome for a dog in Montana.



Muddy Claire.jpg

Claire is apparently having too much fun to think about Motherhood.

I feel like I am playing Calendar Frogger. My absolute-must-attend meeting on August 15 is now safe — whew — because even if Claire came in season today, we would have 10 - 11 days before we would have to start the party.

But now I am worried about another really-need-to-be-there on August 21/22 — and then classes start.


Everything feels so up in the air.

Because it is.

And there are two ends to all this — I am also watching when puppies will be born, thereby grounding us for two months.

And I would REALLY like to have the puppies born before November so that I can show mine at the Specialty. There is not much time left for that — if Claire comes in season tomorrow, puppies would arrive on/about October 24, and that doesn’t leave much room before November.

I am thinking it would be fun to have puppies on Berkeley’s third birthday — October 25. Therefore, I shall inform Claire that Saturday (or Sunday) is her day to get going on this project. I am sure that will work, don’t you?