A Farewell

I am sorry to share that Barbz and her family have lost Zaida (Glitterati). It was sudden — Zaida lived her well-loved life as she wanted until the day before she left.

Barbz posted this obituary for Zaida on Facebook…


CH Kaibab's Goldrush in Silver City RN CD NAP CGC NDD
11-22-08 to 7-9-19
Angel goats beware!
Zaida crossed the rainbow bridge today. Zaida was my greatest teacher. She taught me obedience, agility, drafting and humility. She taught me patience and gave me unconditional love. Zaida was so much smarter than me. I was not ready to say goodbye. We loved you so very much and will never stop telling naughty Zaida stories.

Thank you to Barbz and Keith for Zaida’s wonderful life — it is just never long enough.

A Farewell

I am sorry to share that Levi (East Litter) has left the earth, leaving his beloved family with broken hearts.


Levi would have been twelve next month. He lived a wonderful life in California with Erin, her husband, their sons, and one French Bulldog sibling. Levi is also survived by his devoted human grandma.

Thank you to Erin and her family for Levi’s well-lived life. From start to finish, Levi existed in a bubble of love — the best gift we can give a dog.

Farewell Sweet Boy — and heartfelt condolences to his family.

A Transition

I am struck — once again — about how life goes on with that strange mixture of sorrows and hope. I am sorry to share that Kay and Sue said good-bye to their Rock Star Ruben yesterday — how glad I am that I was able to spend time with him in November…

Ruben and me.jpg

Ruben was almost 10.5 years — a long and well-loved life but it is simply never long enough. He was a talented, sweet, and wonderful dog — the son of Cadi and Jed. I know I speak for so many when we send our heartfelt condolences to Kay and Sue.