Today's Math Problem

If Dianne leaves Victoria and travels 2746 km at 71 mph and Aysha leaves Fernie and travels 1857 km at 92 mph and Alison leaves New Hampshire and travels 1514 miles at 67 mph and Lori leaves Long Island and travels 1372 miles at 59 mph and Toby leaves Pennsylvania and travels 1251 miles at 76 mph and Marti leaves southern California and travels 1935 miles at 7.5 mph for the first 100 miles and then 78 mph but…

Marti makes Randy stop for gas when the needle on the gas tank drops below 3/4 tank AND Dianne stops at every body of water AND Aysha never stops AND Toby is chatting to Val and misses her exit so is detouring through Kansas AND Lori is stopping at all liquor stores given her roomie is Canadian AND Alison left early…



Who gets to Brainerd, Minnesota first?

Volunteer: Specialty Newsletter Editor

I volunteer a lot — for all kinds of things. I will spare you the list but suffice it to say that it appears I might just be hard-wired for Service.

For example, when I was asked if I could help with an Arbor Day parade at the University of Montana last week, Harper B and I showed up — in the rain.


I am the Newsletter Editor at the upcoming National Specialty, and that is taking up a lot of my time these days. It is also causing me to reflect on what it means to be a volunteer, and what obligations are inherent — from my perspective — in the job of Volunteer.

Although I admit that I actually enjoy doing the Newsletter — even more this year since it will be strictly online — it takes a lot of time and yes, it adds stress to my week.

So why do it?

Because I like contributing to my community.

By definition, volunteering is about other people. It is about doing a service that benefits others. And — to me — that means we should care very much about the feedback of those we are trying to serve.

I certainly do.

The usual caveats about good manners apply — but since the Newsletter is not actually about me and because I want to do the best job that I can, bring on your helpful feedback, suggestions, compliments, and criticisms. I can take it.

The best ideas do not happen in our own minds — they happen in collaboration with others. Please — feel free to be my collaborators as I attempt to do the best job I can on the 2019 BMDCA Specialty Newsletter.

I will post the link for the newsletter on Saturday.