Volunteer: Specialty Newsletter Editor

I volunteer a lot — for all kinds of things. I will spare you the list but suffice it to say that it appears I might just be hard-wired for Service.

For example, when I was asked if I could help with an Arbor Day parade at the University of Montana last week, Harper B and I showed up — in the rain.


I am the Newsletter Editor at the upcoming National Specialty, and that is taking up a lot of my time these days. It is also causing me to reflect on what it means to be a volunteer, and what obligations are inherent — from my perspective — in the job of Volunteer.

Although I admit that I actually enjoy doing the Newsletter — even more this year since it will be strictly online — it takes a lot of time and yes, it adds stress to my week.

So why do it?

Because I like contributing to my community.

By definition, volunteering is about other people. It is about doing a service that benefits others. And — to me — that means we should care very much about the feedback of those we are trying to serve.

I certainly do.

The usual caveats about good manners apply — but since the Newsletter is not actually about me and because I want to do the best job that I can, bring on your helpful feedback, suggestions, compliments, and criticisms. I can take it.

The best ideas do not happen in our own minds — they happen in collaboration with others. Please — feel free to be my collaborators as I attempt to do the best job I can on the 2019 BMDCA Specialty Newsletter.

I will post the link for the newsletter on Saturday.