Berkeley is a morning person — like me. When I am in Boise on a weekend, like yesterday, I go over at 5:45 a.m. so that I am there to take care of her when she wakes up; this gives her parents the gift of sleeping in.

Berkeley April 20, 2019.jpg

Once her family was up, it was time to hit the road.

As I drove along the Salmon River towards Montana, a Bald Eagle posed for me…

Bald Eagle April 2019.jpg

I jumped from Lucky and took photos — note the traffic…

Lucky April 2019.jpg

I could leave the door open because my dogs are always secured when traveling — they are never loose in the van or RV.

And now we are home and forced to practice more patience as wait for mid-May, which is when we will know if Sparklers 2.0 will be making a June 16 appearance.

Luckily we have Frantic Training and then the Specialty to keep us busy.

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday.