The Plan & Boise Fun

I decided to check Claire when I got home on Friday because I got this message from Suzanne, who is now living about 12 miles north (that is a close neighbor in Montana):

“Lol, are you sure Claire is not in heat? Sundance has been howling a lot with his nose facing south 😉🤣”

I texted back:

“HOLY CRAP! I just checked her and Sundance is right! She IS in season!!!!!”

Isn’t that funny?!


Someday I hope we have Sundance babies because he is a wonderful dog — and has a great nose apparently 😉but not this time. We love Sundance so much but the goals for this breeding pointed in a different direction (south and west — not north).

So what’s The Plan?

We will begin progesterone testing later this week and will check daily or every other day, depending on the value. It will start off under 1.0 and if it is way under, we can skip a day.

When the value is between 1 and 2 we will know it is time to start making plans to get the show on the road, so to speak. My best guess is that we are about 12 - 14 days from the breeding dates.

In the meantime, I made my planned trip to Boise. Sparkle and I stopped on the way to do a short mountain bike ride in Stanley.

Bike and dog Stan;ey.jpg

The weather could not have been more perfect and it was a nice way to break up the drive.

Sparkle in Stanley.jpg

Even though I see them at least once each month, the changes in children in a matter of weeks is really incredible. Lincoln is nine months now and look at this…

Berkeley and Lincoln Aug 2018.jpg

Pulling himself to stand! He is a cozy, thoughtful, and active little human.

Me and Link.jpg

Berkeley got her first haircut! She is charming, chatty, and clever. She is talking in complete — mostly intelligible — sentences.

Berkeley Aug 2019 (1).jpg

Berkeley remains easily hypoglycemic, but they manage her well with diet. There is still no known explanation for this.

Today’s adventures involve Sparkle and photos that Galen wants to do, Trader Joe’s (we do not have one in Montana), fun with small humans, and an evening with our friends-like-family.

I hope your day also includes fun adventures, no matter where you are.


Berkeley is a morning person — like me. When I am in Boise on a weekend, like yesterday, I go over at 5:45 a.m. so that I am there to take care of her when she wakes up; this gives her parents the gift of sleeping in.

Berkeley April 20, 2019.jpg

Once her family was up, it was time to hit the road.

As I drove along the Salmon River towards Montana, a Bald Eagle posed for me…

Bald Eagle April 2019.jpg

I jumped from Lucky and took photos — note the traffic…

Lucky April 2019.jpg

I could leave the door open because my dogs are always secured when traveling — they are never loose in the van or RV.

And now we are home and forced to practice more patience as wait for mid-May, which is when we will know if Sparklers 2.0 will be making a June 16 appearance.

Luckily we have Frantic Training and then the Specialty to keep us busy.

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday.