2019 Tracking Test and etc.

Alison sent this cool photo of a moose that she took yesterday on a walk.

Alison's Moose.jpg

I love the homely gawkiness of moose — they are beautiful in their special moose way. Thank you, Alison!

Can you see why I took this photo?

Bluebird of Happiness june 2019.jpg

Bluebirds are the symbol of happiness — a bright burst of a reminder to pay attention to what is cheerful and happy. Nature’s PING to our psyche.

Yesterday was the Tracking Test, which is held in the most amazing place.

sign blackfoot.jpg

Base camp for the test is always at the campground at Harper’s Lake…

harper Lake.jpg

It turns out there was not a track for Claire after all, but I brought scones, took photos, cheered on the other teams, and enjoyed the day.

Claire has twice been first alternate this year in TDX tests — what that means is her amazing day is in the future.

Claire on a rock June 2019.jpg

And then I came home and found a TICK in my hair! ACK!

Okay — let’s see how to reframe that…

Isn’t it wonderful that I was able to be in a place so wild and natural that ticks can live? That I have that ability to be out in such a place, hiking around, taking photos — and picking up crawly hitchhikers?

Life is all about coexisting with the Bluebirds of Happiness and the blood-sucking ticks — with an occasional moose thrown in for fun.

And isn’t it just awesome?!


Berkeley is a morning person — like me. When I am in Boise on a weekend, like yesterday, I go over at 5:45 a.m. so that I am there to take care of her when she wakes up; this gives her parents the gift of sleeping in.

Berkeley April 20, 2019.jpg

Once her family was up, it was time to hit the road.

As I drove along the Salmon River towards Montana, a Bald Eagle posed for me…

Bald Eagle April 2019.jpg

I jumped from Lucky and took photos — note the traffic…

Lucky April 2019.jpg

I could leave the door open because my dogs are always secured when traveling — they are never loose in the van or RV.

And now we are home and forced to practice more patience as wait for mid-May, which is when we will know if Sparklers 2.0 will be making a June 16 appearance.

Luckily we have Frantic Training and then the Specialty to keep us busy.

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday.

Show Dog Life in Montana

After tracking yesterday, we had a fun dog walk/swim party. This is Sundance, Suzanne’s boy, enjoying some of the remaining snow..

Sundance easily passed his certification track and we are waiting to hear if he gets a track at the Specialty. Everything crossed.

Sundance easily passed his certification track and we are waiting to hear if he gets a track at the Specialty. Everything crossed.

That melting snow is making for some grand new ponds — hence the swim party! This is Shelby and Sundance, who belong to Suzanne, and Claire with Harper B for Back in the Corner.

Pool Party April 2019.jpg

We walked down to the Bitterroot River…

Bitterroot River April 2019.jpg

This is Harper.

Harper April 2019.jpg

Water is like a magnet to Claire.

Claire April 8, 2019.jpg

Racing back to the car after all that fun adventuring. The Life of Show Dogs when the first priority is actually the dogs and their happiness.

Clasire running.jpg

Find Happy Today — it is out there.