As The Progesterone Rises

It seems odd to have my family following Claire’s progesterone level but they are — and in case you are as well, here you go:

Friday: 0.47

Saturday: 1.16

When the progesterone is in the neighborhood of 2.0, the family can reasonably begin planning our long awaited family adventure/reunion/Oh Hell tournament.

I like multi-purpose trips, and this one will check a lot of fun boxes.

Claire’s progesterone will be evaluated again this morning. The magic number of 2.0ish means we are about two days from ovulation; we expect her progesterone level will be 4 - 5ish at ovulation. However, in dogs the eggs need to mature before fertilization can happen and so we add two more days before the first breeding date; progesterone will be 10 - 20 by that time.

In other words, when the progesterone is 2ish we have four days to get where we are going — and the family party planning can commence in earnest.

Something else — that magic 2.0 will also set the litter due date.

Progesterone of 2.0ish = Day 0

Day 0 + 65 = Litter Due Date

I expect 2.0 either today or tomorrow — my preference, in case anyone high up is listening, is tomorrow.

Therefore, if all goes well and we have puppies, they will arrive on November 12 or November 13.


In the meantime, please enjoy these Sparkle photos taken by Galen last weekend while we await the next episode of As The Progesterone Rises.

Sparkle Jump.jpg
Sparkle dog walk.jpg
Sparkle A Frame (1).jpg
Best Ever Sparkle and Berkeley.jpg

And have a fantastic day!