Another Episode of...

…As the Progesterone Rises.

On Sunday it was 2.7, sending me into a panic because it was rising too fast for my work week. “I have important things on Wednesday, Claire,” I explained, “We cannot leave sooner!”

Well, we could but it would not be a good plan.

Claire is such a Cooperator!

Yesterday (Monday) it was only 3.05.


We are watching for something over about 4.5 to tell us ovulation is underway — and then we have two days to get to the honeymoon.

My hunch is that we will hit that number today. However, we cannot test until 5:15 pm as I am heading out for an all-day meeting.

If the number is as expected, we will begin our journey tomorrow after work (Wednesday).

But one thing we do know now is the due date because of Sunday’s progesterone. Assuming she gets pregnant (everything crossed), the due date will be Tuesday, November 12 (+\- one day).