Tracking Video

I am excited to share this video! It is the view from above of a tracking dog — specifically, Harper B for Best Tracker.

It starts with a short view of track laying and the site, which is where the June tracking test is held — so amazing.

The video then shifts to following us on the track right before the first of four turns. Here is what to watch for:

  1. See if you can tell when Harper is on the track and when she is searching a bit. Harper is a superb tracking dog and spends very little time searching — but if you watch closely you will see search/indication for every corner.

  2. Note that when she is searching I handle her differently — I slow down or stop (or fall), and I will back up. The cover is a lot of bunch grass and Harper is fast — you will see me go down!

  3. Harper finds three articles on this track. The indication at the first was solid. In watching the video I see that she indicated the second but it was subtle and I missed it — I spotted the article and asked, “what did you find” and that drew her back to it. The third and final article was indicated clearly.

Let me know what you think — and if this video is a helpful tracking tutorial.