The Monday Wrap-up

The real reason we showed up for an agility trial with dogs not quite ready — in case this happened…

MACH 1.jpg

And it did!

Congratulations are in order — Elizabethanne and Pixey finished their agility championship! It was fantastic to be here to celebrate this accomplishment in person. CONGRATULATIONS TEAM PIXEY!

If you do agility — put this trial on your calendar for next year because this place is flat out amazing.

YDS (2).jpg


Sparkle is working on her champion swimmer award.

Sparkle swimming Red Lodge.jpg

There are two dog swimming ponds here in addition to everything else.

Sparkle in pond (2).jpg

We stayed over another night because I will be doing a Key Informant interview for a work project this morning about two hours from here; Dear Husband will hang out with dogs while I am gone, and then we will all head home.

What a great weekend!

heart rock.jpg

Let’s make our week just as wonderful!