Sunday Morning in a Magical Place

It has almost a year since I have done agility with my dogs — I am reminded how much I love it. But what is not to love about spending a few days with friends and dogs at a beautiful place like this?


Yellowstone Dog Sports is a magical place.

Bird ?.jpg
Dawn at YDS.jpg

Daisy had her agility debut yesterday, earning a qualifying score in Novice Fast Preferred and showing her amazing potential for this particular dog sport. Claire is also running a class or two a day and while not qualifying, is having fun and doing better than I expected with her five weeks of training.

Harper B for Been Felt Up spent some time being evaluated by a rehab veterinarian who is here, and we have some great ideas for keeping Harper sound and healthy as she ages with her two repaired knees.

harper at 7.5.jpg

I hope your day is magical.

Sparkle having a rolling good time.

Sparkle having a rolling good time.