Who Needs a Kitchen?!

I would be hard-pressed to adequately describe the chaos and disruption associated with the Great Dishwasher Fiasco of 2019. A picture is worth a thousand words — right? So here you go — 3000 words worth.


We do not have a kitchen now. Boxes are everywhere. I am learning from experts all about insurance claims (gratitude to those generous people!). And I have a book chapter due this month.

Oh dear.

But today is just one day and I can only live in this moment — no sense in freaking out about what is coming up.

And so I will head out to do more recoding for a podcast series we are doing on teenage suicide and grief and so on. Doing so reminds me that the Great Dishwasher Fiasco of 2019 is an Inconvenience and not a Real Problem.

Stay dry out there!