Where are the Ducks?!

You know what they say about a watched pot?

Not boiling.

Not boiling.

I like to plan.

The actual cover of my planner!

The actual cover of my planner!

Sparkle is making that difficult.

I got a text yesterday: “Would April 17th work for an in-person meeting in Billings…?”

I responded: “Probably.”

I thought that was more professional than my first thought, which was, “since my dog is silent on the matter, let me ask the Magic Eight Ball and get back to you.”

When Sparkle comes in season, I will have about four days to prepare for an epic journey. If it happens in the next three weeks I will take the van and come home before the Specialty. If it is after about April 15 I will just take the RV and go directly to the Specialty; in that case, Dear Husband will drive to Minnesota separately.

Life with Dogs interjects a high level of uncertainty into things, that is for sure. That is especially apparent to me as I stare down April, with all the unknowns and contingencies and so on and so forth associated with a desire to create a really exceptional litter of Bouncing Berner Babies.

Yes, there are easier ways to do it. But the chance to do it REALLY well has presented itself, and I am grabbing that chance.

I just need all the ducks to show up and get in their line so I can make a plan.

Until then, we wait — and try not to watch.