Draft Training Update

Claire has progressed remarkably in her draft training.

Claire Draft 2 March 2019.jpg

I am a big fan of just time in the cart before much of anything else. Turns, for example, really need to wait until the dog is very comfortable just pulling in a straight line.

Claire Drafting March 2019 (1).jpg

With a lot of straight driveway time behind us, Claire is now turning like a champ because she is very comfortable in the cart.

Claire is also backing well, has a great “slow” and her halts are solid (FYI — I give a treat for halt/sit 100% of the time in training). Because I am very intentional in rewarding her attention on me, Claire is focused and engaged. We are building up time in a stay, working on the “narrows” and have practiced a freight haul with another dog.

Draft is so many little pieces, all of which need to be trained separately and carefully - and thoroughly. A fearful experience in the cart, which is easy to cause if one rushes a dog, can take a long time to get over.

Every time I train a new dog, I am reminded how much fun it is to draft with a dog — for everyone involved :)

Have a fantastic day!