Let Them Eat Cake

It is amazing to think that it has been eight years since that day when Sydney ushered her babies into this world. They were sent off — with love and celebration — to live amazing lives with incredible people.


We remember Mesa and Lainey who were denied this chance to celebrate eight years but know they were loved enough for so many lifetimes, and can trust their birthday celebration is under control, given that Terri Z is hanging with them. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MESA and LAINEY.

Let’s start this earthly party with Zimmerman Zeke — Barbz sends us this update:

We are SO happy to be celebrating Zeke's 8th birthday.



We had quite the scare with him last November and December. He started with limping on a front leg. I ran him in for xrays- maybe a little arthritis in the shoulder. That progressed to stiffness, limping in the rear and finally to not wanting to move much or eat. All my local vets could do was say arthritis and give him pain med after pain med. After a few weeks we took him to an internist. He was xrayed and ultrasound from top to bottom. Labs didn't look bad except for some mildly elevated kidney function tests he has had since age 2. Then an orthopedic specialist looked at him and the xrays. He said basically all his joints looked fine. He felt it could be IMPA ( immune mediated poly arthritis). He tapped 3 of his joints and we waited. The results confirmed the diagnosis. He was started on high dose prednisone. Within days he was happy, running and eating! We have weaned his dose to 5mg twice a day. Any less and he gets stiff again.


So I am happy to report Zeke is leading a normal active life. He runs the fields with his sisters like a youngster. He is sweet and snuggly and such a happy boy.

We send Birthday wishes to his brothers and sisters.”


Holden Squeaker also knows how to rock the crown…


Toby sends us this birthday update:

“I can’t believe 8 years has passed since I met “the plumpies.” Little did I know, I’d fall hopelessly and completely in love with little Squeaker, soon to add Holden in front of that name. My heart is over-filled with the love I feel for this boy.


We’ve done so much in our 8 years together, and my hope is we are far from done. We will be hoping for that elusive CD title in the upcoming year, as well as a father/son brace title with Clark, and I will continue to count my blessings every single day for having this incredible boy in my life. Love you to the moon and back, Holden Squeaker!”

LOVE — the best birthday gift a dog could have. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLDEN SQUEAKER!

Heidi Heidi was named for Dear Friend, Almighty Heidi, who assisted with the whelping of the litter — and is still in therapy because of it (just kidding - kind of ;). John sends us this report:

It's been quite the journey since Heidi came to live with us in December, 2011. Kai arrived that same month as well.

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 8.38.33 AM.png

Since then it has been a whirlwind - my sister always reminded me to take pictures no matter what. She was right — looking back I don’t even remember some of the moments and I am happy to have the photos (twins will do that to you). All along the journey Heidi has been our happy, easy-going, ever-loving family member… and somewhere in there we squeezed in dog shows and her championship…

K Kids and Heidi.jpg

So a very happy 8th birthday to Heidi and all the H litter siblings no matter where they are!”


Auggie! Lois sends us this report:

Here is his birthday photo in our special ‘upside down heart’ tree in the woods.


You have probably seen a similar photo before as I take it on his birthday each year. But this year you will notice a new addition.  He decided he wanted a tattoo for his eight birthday so got a big black spot on his mouth. Its benign so we just figure it’s like those barnacles I get on my arms that seem to increase every year!

It’s been a challenging year for him. The good news is that he has recovered from his shoulder issues last year due to a lot of physical therapy and finally finding an anti-inflammatory that he could tolerate.  I am sold on the benefit of Rehab as his shoulder was not able to be fixed.  Everything has improved from strengthening everything else.  He has such a strong core now!!! Last year he was limping so terribly all the docs (as well as Paul and me) were besides themselves.  And today (and every day) we take a 4-5 mile hike and he does just fine.

 He also is an avid swimmer  (in ponds, not rivers-he’s not that strong of a swimmer!)

Here he is just before launching in…


Most likely because of his seizures over the years (at least that is what the most recent specialist consult thought) he probably has had brain changes and Auggie has been having more anxiety type of behaviors but we seem to have found a drug regimen that is supporting him and he is much happier.

 Like his brother Zeke, he also has had elevated kidney function tests for several years which we have kept stable without any further progression.

 And as Toby said about Squeaker-Holden our hearts too are overfilled with the love we feel for our sweet and special boy.

Neither of our boys would submit to having a crown on their heads but they do get to have birthday pup-a-chinos at Starbucks which they think are just excellent!

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 7.43.56 PM.png


And to end the special day, we have Harper B for Birthday…

Harper at 8.jpg

Harper B for Big Weekend has B for Big Plans. And yes — it involves B for Boise.