Best Laid Plans

Daisy also came in season over the weekend. She will not be bred (think 101 Dalmatians, Berner-style — shudder) but this means she will also NOT be in the Helena draft test. Bummer.

When thinking about the cost of breeding a litter, I suspect most do not factor in the lost opportunity costs that come with intact/bred girls.

September has some of my favorite shows — Montana shows! — and we will not be showing. As I waited (and waited) for Claire to come in season, I missed other favorite events, hesitant to enter because I did not want to throw away entry money.

Now Daisy cannot do the one event I was hoping to do in September. Sigh. I am about to inform Sparkle that she will have to step in for this one.

Another great Sparkle shot by Galen.

Another great Sparkle shot by Galen.

This year is about breeding the next generation — I accept that. But that doesn’t mean I am thrilled about the lost opportunities.

But like all seasons of life, this one is temporary. Not fun — but temporary. And that is a hopeful thought.

It will all be worth it if the breeding is successful and Claire has a litter of bouncing baby berners in mid-November. The theme is picked out, the “nursery” planned, and now we just need those babies.

Progesterone testing starts today.

I hope you have a great day, free of blood tests!