Life and Love

Happy Monday!

If Claire is pregnant, the embryos are now beginning to attach to the endometrium. Before this point in a dog’s pregnancy, embryos are free floating.

This delayed connection between the mother’s body and the puppies is why we cannot determine pregnancy in a dog until about the fourth week. The human equivalent would be that a pregnancy is about in the fourth month before we would even know we were pregnant!

Isn’t that wild?

And so we continue to wait — and dare to hope.

A couple of fun photos. This is Sparkler Zimmer with Jack. Kathy reports that this is a morning tradition with these two.

Zimmer and Jack Sept 2019.jpg

I just love the obvious regard between those two in the photo. Thank you, Kathy, for sending along the love.

I am not in Boise but Galen is and he took this photo of the Junior Heintzberger twins, Kade and Kole, with their canine sister — Heidi Heidi from the H Moon Litter — who has been a presence in their lives since the day they were born.

K Kids and Heidi.jpg

Heidi Heidi is approaching her eighth birthday! Isn’t she lovely? Thank you to Galen for the photo.

I hope your Monday is picture perfect. And speaking of pictures — always feel free to send my way!