Life in Montana

I am pleased to share that we FINALLY have a reasonable budget for the repair caused by the Dishwasher Fiasco of 2019.

To give you an example of how this all works, the insurance company originally sent their guy out to assess the damage and as a result, they decided the Replacement Cost of the custom oak kitchen cabinets was $4,570.29.

This amount was only to pay for the damaged bottom cabinets — apparently they expected that we would just keep the original cabinets on the top.

My new friend, Dale, from Linley Cabinets (they installed the original cabinets in 1986) said there would be no way to match the upper cabinets with new ones, they could not be painted, and sanding/staining would cost more than new cabinets.

And so Dale provided the amount it would cost to replace all the cabinets in the kitchen with the same features and like-product.

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 6.20.02 AM.jpg

I sent that off to the insurance company person, explaining about how we needed upper and lower cabinets replaced and why — and after two phone calls and a few weeks of waiting, the amount was approved!

This had to be done with EVERYTHING.

But we have a good adjustor who obviously has construction experience/knowledge, and all bids/estimates were approved — it was just a lot of hoop jumping, which is definitely not my favorite way of doing things.

It has been two months and two days since we had a kitchen but we meet today with the contractor, and should be able to get started on the reconstruction soon.

Nevertheless, she persisted. The Squeaky Wheel is reinforced yet again.

In other news, Sabbatical is over. When walking back to my office from getting a coffee yesterday after class, I took this photo with my phone. I thought it was just a pretty shot of the campus building but it turned out to be a Love Note — do you see?

Love Note.jpg

How awesome is that?!

And the answer to the Claire Question is still NOPE.