Changing Season & Ponder This

In spite of a vigorous training schedule for the past four months, it is apparently not Claire’s year for a TDX.

She was first alternate at the specialty TDX test and she is third alternate at our local test, even with a Worker Certificate advantage.

Tracking Season is now closed for 2019. It is getting hot and the grass will dry up — time to shift gears.

I am a wee bit disappointed that we did not get in a test, but the Disappointment Channel is a real downer and so I switched my mental channel to a happier one. And yes, it is a choice where to park your brain just as much as it is a choice where to park your backside.

The Hope Channel is my favorite — it plays all the happy events and days ahead in an endless loop. One of the shows on the Hope Channel is that amazing day when Claire earns a TDX.

In the meantime, we are turning our attention to other events — and growing coat. No Hair Claire is definitely sporting her summer outfit these days.

Coming up in June — two days of obedience for Harper B, and a return to AGILITY — not Harper for Begone Agility (perish the thought says Harper) but for Daisy and Claire. How fun is that?!

Today’s Ponder This from my stewarding vantage point — who looks their very best when gagging and choking?