The Word of Summer

Montana’s summer is really quite lovely. To me, summer means early morning dog walks, bike riding with Dear Husband, lakes and rivers, dog training, and just enjoying the ability to be outside and doing stuff (as opposed to being outside and doing stuff — and freezing our fannies off).

Sparkle and I are working on Utility exercises — this is Directed Jumping.

Sparkle Jump June 2019.jpg

In this exercise the dog starts with the handler. The handler sends the dog to sit on the opposite side of the ring, facing the handler. Then — on a signal from the handler — the dog takes one of two jumps, ending up sitting in front of the handler. All that is then repeated, utilizing the other jump.

It is a complicated exercise, and so I have it broken down into Least Trainable Units and am working these individually at this point.

Sparkle may not be the most precise and exact obedience dog, but you won’t find a happier or more willing worker — and she is quick to grasp concepts.

Her Bestie, Pete, likes to help with our training.

Pete and Sparkle June 2019.jpg

And speaking of cats…

Poppy June 2019.jpg

Poppy is now quite deaf and not likely to win the Feline Congeniality Award anytime soon (or ever) but she continues to enjoy the life she chose by showing up at our house all those years ago.

The most recent version of Chippy is also industriously enjoying summer.

chippy june 2019.jpg

Summer is the season of Play.



What kinds of things are you doing to ensure a playful summer?