An Old Berner is Golden Indeed

Puppies are exciting and fun but an Old Dog is something so very special, and this is especially true in Berners.

Can you spot Cooper from the Glitterati?

Cooper 10.5 years.jpg

Jennifer reports that Cooper is well and keeps her laughing, even as he approaches 10.5 years on this earth.

Miss Maddie (F Litter) is enjoying Spring in Washington.

Maddie April 10.5.jpg

She is now 10.5+ years and keeping Barb busy.

Our Super Senior is Levi from the E Litter.

Levi April 2019.jpg

Levi is 11 years and 9 months old! Erin reports that he has some creaky bones but is otherwise doing just fine. #blessing

We love our older Kaibab dogs.