Today is The Day

Yesterday started early. Before we could launch the adventure, I had to finish a draft of a survey instrument to email to my colleague for input. Dogs are not my livelihood, after all! [In case you are wondering, it is a survey about pediatric mental health services.]

I sent off the survey and loaded Claire and Sparkle into Lucky — off we went.

To Boise.

I kid you not.

Sparkle in RV.jpg

Lucky returned to the usual spot at the Riverside RV Park and after a quick set-up, we were picked up by Cindy and Vic.

Yes. The Sr. Heintzbergers.

In Boise.

I am marveling at all the ways this breeding is mind blowing.

Vic drove us to the vet (more on the vet soon— wowza) where poor Sparkle had yet another progesterone and got a glimpse of her intended.

Yesterday’s progesterone was over 6.0 — ovulation has occurred and the first breeding will happen today.

Back to Cindy and Vic — they bought a house here late last summer around the corner from their daughter and her family, but they just moved into it a few days ago!

I did not want to spill their beans but can now express much public gratitude to them — I stayed in their lovely house when I was here in February and March. That made a HUGE difference because RV Life in winter is rough — so much better in a large home with a yard.

I thought often during that time — when Berkeley’s blood sugar was unstable and I was here so much —about the value of community. We had Joan and others helping on the medical end, Dear Husband holding down the fort in Montana, Cindy and Vic giving me a place to stay, friends extending all manner of support to Galen and Bethany, and so on.

A small girl and her family just wrapped in community caring and compassion and support. Wow.

Berkeley 2.5 years (1).jpg

This breeding of Sparkle is also a community endeavor. It is happening because of relationships, including some that extend over decades. If Sparklers 2.0 are created — if this works — it will be a litter resulting from enduring and strong connections, and a community willing and able to come together.

Today is the day — we need our community to eat a beaded donut or wear Lucky Socks or send up a prayer.

The World Famous Lucky Green Socks!

The World Famous Lucky Green Socks!

Actually — could you do all three? For the next three days?