When Your Brain is Busy

I heard commotion (“%$#@!”) from the other room and concerned wife that I am, I ignored it.

I figured Dear Husband had just hit his head on a cabinet door — again.

Nope. It was different this time — Dear Husband has a big bruise on his knee from running into a drawer.

This is only sort of my fault.

I am usually much too busy thinking about something to pay attention to the small detail of closing drawers and cabinet doors. Therefore, the kitchen usually looks ransacked and yes — it can be dangerous.

But shouldn’t he look where he is going?! This is not a new thing, after all.

There is no lack of things to think about lately — it is a wonder that any door or drawer in the house is closed. And high on the list is the small issue of finding a father for Sparklers 2.0 after the sad event of the last minute cancellation of Sparkle’s long planned wedding (and more to the point — the honeymoon).

However, while a busy brain is frequently inconvenient and dangerously distracted, it also means that I never lack for ideas. Indeed, I had a long-planned idea in my back pocket, so to speak.

And upon much reflection, I decided that the Universe had a message about that particular idea and it went like this…


However, the complicated steps necessary to translate the idea into an actionable plan — as we watch Sparkle’s progesterone on the slow march to ovulation — has meant a lot of open doors and drawers around here lately.

To be continued.