Needed: Magic Eight Ball

Dear Husband says, “I guess we will figure it out when the time comes.”

This unconcerned attitude may well be the consequence of a truly sanguine nature — or just a reaction to my constant, “if this, then that” and “if this date, then this plan” and so on and so forth.

This relates to this dog, who is tight-lipped about when exactly she would like to have a long distance rendezvous with a handsome stranger.

Wishing and hoping and all of that for Sparklers 2.0

Wishing and hoping and all of that for Sparklers 2.0

The difficulty is that the Handsome Stranger is far away, and so are two other things I am planning in the next seven weeks: a draft test in southern California and the National Specialty in Minnesota.

The conversations with the unfortunate Dear Husband are like this:

Me: “Okay, if she comes in season after about April 20, I will take Lucky (the RV) and just hang out on that side of the country and you can drive the van with Daisy and Harper to Minnesota and meet me.”

Dear Husband: “Okay.”

Me: “But if she is NOT in season by the Specialty, surely she will be after a week with all those intact girls and so I would likely need to stay on that side of the country to breed her. Okay — if she is not in season by the time we have to leave for the Specialty, we will take Lucky and the van.”

Dear Husband (trying somewhat to follow all this): “Okay.”

Me: “Sigh. Okay — but what if she comes in season soon and messes up the draft test plans?! Then Claire has no chance to be in the Versatility class at the Specialty! On the other hand, she won’t have coat so maybe I should not even worry about that and just enter her in the Specialty draft tests.”

Dear Husband (noting to self that I have said this at least ten times before): “Okay.”

Me: “But I REALLY want to enter her in Versatility at the Specialty.”

Dear Husband: “Then you should!”

Me: “But what if Sparkle comes in season and I cannot do that draft test — the Specialty entries close on April 10!”

Dear Husband: Looks perplexed and is silent since he knows I will keep talking…

Me: “Okay. I will enter the California test AND I will enter the test back east just in case Sparkle comes in season in the next two weeks and I have to be on that side of the world anyway.”

Dear Husband: “That seems like a good plan (and leaves out saying, “as I have said ten times before” because he is smart that way).

Me: “But what if Sparkle comes in season soon and I have to be gone when you are in Georgia?! I cannot take four dogs with me!”

Dear Husband: “I am sure we will figure it out.”

You get the idea. This happens every day — true story. It is making my head spin.

Deep Breaths.

And can I just point to the irony of wishing and hoping that one of my girls is in season at the Specialty?!

Breeding dogs is complicated — for all kinds of reasons. Dear Husband, of course, agrees, because he is smart that way also.