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What else would you name a Leprechaun?!

What else would you name a Leprechaun?!

I am pleased to report that Lucky and I have had a reconciliation. If you are new to this blog, Lucky is an RV.

As I have previously documented, Lucky has not been the easiest of travel partners. Whether spewing water that smelled of a cesspool or freezing me with no functional furnace, Lucky sometimes makes himself hard to love.

The latest issue with Lucky was that he seemed to want a one-night stand — by Day Two Lucky smelled as if the Gates of Hell had opened, releasing all manner of fire and brimstone.

I was so disgusted the last time I was here that I took one whiff and headed to the La Quinta, muttering dire threats to Lucky and losing the keys in the hurried process of shutting things down — and I did not care one whit about the keys because I never wanted to see Lucky again, let alone drive anywhere with him.

Three weeks later, I am in Boise once again and therefore, it seemed necessary to face up to Lucky and our issues. Staying at La Quinta was fine in a State of Huff, but does not seem like a reasonable long-term plan.

I found the keys outside by the water spigot, which I took as a sign not to give up on Lucky, and so I called in a Relationship Counselor — aka Jake from Wise Mobile RV Repair and aka Person of the Year.

Two new house batteries later and no more smell AND the furnace, which now has sufficient power to function, is blasting out heat like nobody’s business!

Claire: “What are those?” Sparkle: “I think they are donuts for Lucky.”

Claire: “What are those?” Sparkle: “I think they are donuts for Lucky.”

Not only did Jake fix various things but he did it all as he provided a crash course on All Things RVs — without Mansplaining! WINNER! Five plus Stars for sure.

And so I am here in Boise with Sparkle and Claire while Dear Husband holds down the fort in Montana — much gratitude to him. And thanks also to a wonderful friend who lets us use her big yard so the dogs can romp.

Claire and Sparkle Feb 2-19 H-yard.jpg
Lincoln James at 2+ months.

Lincoln James at 2+ months.

Although I am — conveniently and thankfully — on Sabbatical, I have three different work-related projects going on these days but all are flexible enough to: 1) wait; 2) do in an RV; and/or, 3) do while holding a baby.

Berkeley’s endocrinologist is still not sure what is going on and more tests were done yesterday so we will see what those say. The poor kid.

It is hard to believe there is anything wrong with Berkeley — she seems so normal. And then she woke up from her nap with a blood sugar of 53 and there is Reality once again.

Darn it.

Training for the Specialty continues, although clearly modified for the circumstances. Those circumstances are actually called Life — if we wait for the Perfect Time, nothing will ever be accomplished.

Updates on Berkeley can be found  HERE .

Updates on Berkeley can be found HERE.