Caring Bridge Site for Berkeley



It was not an easy thing to set up the Caring Bridge site for Berkeley and her family. Not because it was technically challenging — it wasn’t — but because it made it seem real.

Something is amiss with Berkeley. She cannot regulate her blood sugar and so it dips to unsafe levels without constant testing and nutritional intervention. It was 40 last Thursday when she had seizures.

Yesterday Berkeley had her fingers pricked to check her blood sugar EIGHTEEN TIMES. A two-year-old. Eighteen times, including every two hours when she is asleep.

She has to eat when she is not hungry to bring her blood sugar up. A two-year-old is finding her own little separate self — imagine trying to get a small human whose favorite word is “no” to eat when she is sick to death of food and tired of being bugged to eat.

We have no idea why this is happening.

It is not diabetes and we are not ashamed to admit that we wish it were because that is manageable and known; Galen has had Type I diabetes since he was sixteen.

It obviously is not a temporary flukey thing since it has not resolved.

Tests are still pending — I am almost afraid to hear about the results, truth be told.

Bethany, Berkeley, Lincoln Feb. 1.jpg

Galen and Bethany have a supportive family, and we are rallying around. But I also want to honor the wonderful caring sentiments of others and provide a way to translate those sentiments into help for Galen and Bethany — and therefore, for Berkeley.

And so I set up the Caring Bridge site because so many people care about this little family, want to know how Berkeley is doing, and want a way to operationalize that caring into tangible help at this most challenging of times.

Click HERE for the site.

Thanks for all your well wishes!