99% Verdict

The Magic-8 Ball said “probably not” — we will re-check in a week but it does not appear that Claire is pregnant.

Every time I have to write this kind of thing I swear I will never again be public about breeding plans/events and instead wait to say anything until I have a confirmed pregnancy. Sometimes my empathy is such a liability — it pains me to imagine all the disappointment these words will cause.

But I want to be honest about the ways Life with Dogs — including breeding these dogs well — is both wonderful and so so hard. It is not always rainbows and unicorns — it is also bitter disappointments and the loss of already imagined and loved puppies that are not really there; it is also a great deal of time and expense that cannot be recaptured.

Losses. A very real part of Life with Dogs.

SIGH. Like literally, I just sighed — because the truth is we regroup and march on. What else can we do?

Sparkle is up to the plate next — and soon.

Life with Dogs gives us a lot of practice with that strange mix of sorrows and hope that is just Life.