A Bit of Randomness from the Internet

I'll bet this is a pup who does not know who his boss is…”

A quote from an online list in response to a question about managing normal puppy behavior.

“…does not know who the boss is…”

Because puppies spend their time, in spite of literally thousands of years evolving to serve and please humans, plotting the takeover of the humans in their lives.

Apparently some people confuse puppies with cats.

Pete June 2019.jpg

Thoughts direct actions and feelings.

Thinking one has a devious puppy who needs to be put in her place results in very different feelings and actions than considering that the puppy is a furry sweetie doing normal baby puppy things, and just needs some redirection.

I wonder a lot why some people just naturally assume the worst.

If ever there was a being that deserved an assumption of good intentions — it is a dog.

Kai and a Tongue Out Dog 2008 (1).jpg

I hope your day is as amazing as your dog(s).