Ready, Set, Go

The official website for the 2019 National Specialty reports that there are 100 days until it starts.

Holy Yikes.

No more dithering — it is time to get seriously serious about training for that Specialty. Of course, that requires a clear vision of exactly what we want to accomplish — how can we train effectively without goals?

I like to think about goals in terms of what is within my control. For example, one of my goals for Claire is to be ready for the TDX test.

Claire at the National Bison Range.

Claire at the National Bison Range.

Note that I do not say “Claire will earn her TDX.” Why would I set myself up that way?!

Bald Eagles 1 (1).jpg

I cannot control all the things that go into a passing performance at a tracking test. A bear could come strolling down our track. Snow could bury all the articles (ahem — Minnesota). Claire could find some random afterbirth, like the eagles in the photo, which would be disgusting and therefore so much more appealing than a glove. And so on.

The reality is that I cannot make conditions perfect or be perfect or have a perfect dog — pretty sure that is crazy thinking to imagine we are God-like.

What I can control is the preparation for an event. And I can also control my expectations, ensuring they reflect what is possible and not what is divine.

Claire will be ready for a TDX test in 100 days — that is my long-term goal. I will use realistic and specific intermediate goals and micro-goals to achieve my 100-day goal. You are invited on this journey.

This is the first in a regular series describing and documenting our progress towards the 100-day goal — even if a TDX is not on your radar, I invite you to follow along because you might find the training concepts and ideas helpful to whatever goals you have for yourself and/or your dog.