Monday Round-Up

Congratulations are in order to Team Jordan (Sparkler) who was shown (Owner-Handled) in Washington over the weekend — Winner’s Bitch one day and Reserve Winner’s Bitch twice.

Jordan Aug 2019.jpg

Jordan’s irregular markings give some judges pause. Markings should be considered the frosting — Jordan’s cake is very well done, and that is hard to deny. Congratulations to Team Jordan.

Tristan (iPup) is burning up the agility courses back east. Alison sent me a video of a 33 (speed) point Preferred Masters Standard run — HOLY FAST.

Sparkler Abbie has her own important job.

Abbie Aug 2019.jpg

Collective AHHHHH. Strong Work, Abbie!

Meanwhile in Montana, the answer is still NOPE. But I have a plan! I am going to enter Claire in a show — they always come in season when I make other plans for them.

Bad Cuz & A Grooming Video

Amazon delivered a new supply of the family favorite.


Claire approved.

Claire with the ball July 19, 2019.jpg

That watched pot will boil at some point — but not yet. In other words, Claire is not in season just yet.


Social Media can be a good thing — a friend shared this video about line brushing:

The way she line brushes would be relatively quick and easy with a berner — hence my sharing.

Have a great Saturday!