Finding a Thoughtfully-bred Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy

Patience is the companion of wisdom.
— St. Augustine

The purpose of this page is to offer ideas that may be useful as you search for a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy.  Most people who are new to the breed are amazed at how challenging it can be to locate a puppy from a reputable breeder. We apologize, in advance, for any frustration that may arise as you seek that perfect puppy.

The search for a puppy starts with becoming educated about the breed, and learning how to find members of the Berner community who can and will assist you in locating reputable breeders. This website, which includes a variety of links to other sites, is designed to help with the process of gaining knowledge and developing connections to support your search.

Another important consideration as you search for your puppy is to think about your goals. Do you want to show your Berner in performance events or conformation (the beauty pageant)? Do you have an interest in breeding? Are you looking for a family pet? No matter what goals you have for a puppy, we hope you agree that finding a sound and healthy puppy is the number one priority. An unhealthy puppy is expensive in every way imaginable – money, heartache, and quality of life for the dog.

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All puppies deserve to be created by thoughtful, informed breeders motivated by a desire to produce healthy puppies who are physically and mentally sound and reflect what is wonderful about the breed.

And you — the interested new member of our Berner community — deserve a thoughtfully-bred puppy from a reputable breeder.

We hope these steps will be useful as you search for the perfect new member of your family.

Steps to Finding a Thoughtfully-bred Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy

  1. Don’t be in a hurry — your puppy is worth the wait.

  2. Become informed. The best decisions are informed decisions.

  3. Read over our list of Random but Important Things You Should Know when Looking for a Bernese Mountain Dog.

  4. Use the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America’s Online Breeder Referral service to locate breeders.

  5. Contact the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America Regional Club in your area to find reputable, local breeders and also to connect with involved members of the Berner community who can assist with your search for a puppy.

  6. Check out our “Contemplating Reputable” page for an easy way to evaluate breeders and their litters.

  7. Begin a dialog with reputable breeders by offering a brief introduction about your family, and sharing your hopes and wishes for a puppy.

  8. Once the dialog is established, obtain the registered name of both parents and begin/continue your research (see #6 above for help with this).

  9. Ask your informed questions — reputable breeders welcome those questions!

  10. See #1 above.