GCH CH Kaibab’s Justifiably Bright TD NDD

(GCH CH Pinnacle’s Josey Wales OAP NJP NDD x GCHB CH Kaibab’s Incandescently Bright TD CD OAP OJP DD BDD VCD2)
Date of Birth: December 20, 2016

BMDCA Versatility Dog

Big, Bold, Beautiful -- that sums up Claire.

A group placer at 17 months and a Grand Champion at 21 months, Claire reflects our ongoing commitment to breed Berners who not only reflect correct breed type but who also have the intelligence, drive, and structure required for an exceptional working dog.

Claire will be a busy girl in 2019 — you can follow her adventures on Instagram @kaibabbmd

Claire and Kiri as Christmas Elves

Claire and Kiri as Christmas Elves

Health Clearances

Hips: BMD-22475G24F-VPI
Elbows: BMD-EL13275F29-VPI
Shoulders: BMD-SH462F24-VPI
Eyes: Normal (BMD-EYE1751/6F-PI)
Heart: Normal (BMD-ACA453/17F-VPI)
DM, SOD1-A: Clear (BMD-DMB141/7F-PI)
DM, SOD1-B: Clear (BMD-DMB65/23F-VPI
vWD: Clear (By Parentage)
Histio Pre-Test: Index B (BMD-HS18/18F-VPI)

Claire: Always making a statement.

Claire: Always making a statement.

Click HERE to visit Claire’s Berner-Garde page where you can explore information about Claire and her family, and view her pedigree.