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The Humans

Mary-Ann Sontag Bowman (Ph.D. in case that matters)

Trainer of dogs and people. Professor. Writer. Researcher. Blogger.

Kim Bowman

Dear Husband. Dog Nanny. Retired Cop. All-around Good Guy.

Our Intention

We aspire to produce sound, healthy, long-lived Bernese Mountain Dogs who accurately reflect both the Breed Standard and the working heritage of the breed. Our data-driven breeding decisions are guided by the values of integrity and honesty, and reflect an unfailing commitment to transparency and excellence. Thoughtfully-bred Kaibab puppies are placed with engaged members of the Berner community, and those seeking to join our community.  

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There really isn’t any substitute for experience, although Hubris would like many to think otherwise.

We have a lot of experience — decades of experience, in fact.

Experience with generations of Berners. Dozens and dozens of titles in multiple events on multiple dogs.

Experience with what is wonderful about Bernese Mountain Dogs. Experience with the heartbreak that is Berners.

And with that depth of experience comes an awareness that there is so much left to learn. Therefore, we understand excellence as a lifelong pursuit that is informed by our own experience even as we remain open to the ideas and experiences of others.

Relevant Memberships & Designations

Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America
Inland Northwest Bernese Mountain Dog Club
Five Valley Kennel Club
Big Sky Tracking Dog Club of Montana
American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit Silver