Oh Dear

The Drama of the 2019 National Specialty involved Best of Breed judging — and offers excellent lessons in “Don’t Be Like That.”

As I understand it, the concerns are as follows:

  1. The judge did not give out all of the Awards of Merit.

  2. The judge did not follow correct procedure when awarding Best Owner-Handled dog.

  3. The judge did not say enough nice things at the dinner.

  4. The judge’s directives for the Best of Breed ring were not fair to American dogs.

Rules for BOB.jpg

Since I take dogs trained with food/toys into rings all the flipping time, I had no issue at all with the no bait rule.

Except when people broke it.

I prefer that people not try to take unfair advantage by breaking rules/policies/directives/whatever. Like using bait in a no bait ring — or showing dogs who have had corrective procedures.

But I digress.

Since we have not heard directly from the judge or the steward about why things happened as they did with regards to Awards of Merit or NOHS Best of Breed, people are just filling in the blanks with the worst possible explanations. Specifically, the explanations go along the lines of all manner of unflattering things about the judge — she was rude, disrespectful, insulting, etc. and etc.

Oh, the irony!

I wonder why it is okay to say insulting and rude things about someone because you perceived them as insulting and rude?! (Note to Self: Try not to be like that).

I do not have enough information to have an informed opinion about the Award of Merits and NOHS — therefore, I will withhold my judgment about all that.

I wish others would.