When Your Brain is Busy

I heard commotion (“%$#@!”) from the other room and concerned wife that I am, I ignored it.

I figured Dear Husband had just hit his head on a cabinet door — again.

Nope. It was different this time — Dear Husband has a big bruise on his knee from running into a drawer.

This is only sort of my fault.

I am usually much too busy thinking about something to pay attention to the small detail of closing drawers and cabinet doors. Therefore, the kitchen usually looks ransacked and yes — it can be dangerous.

But shouldn’t he look where he is going?! This is not a new thing, after all.

There is no lack of things to think about lately — it is a wonder that any door or drawer in the house is closed. And high on the list is the small issue of finding a father for Sparklers 2.0 after the sad event of the last minute cancellation of Sparkle’s long planned wedding (and more to the point — the honeymoon).

However, while a busy brain is frequently inconvenient and dangerously distracted, it also means that I never lack for ideas. Indeed, I had a long-planned idea in my back pocket, so to speak.

And upon much reflection, I decided that the Universe had a message about that particular idea and it went like this…


However, the complicated steps necessary to translate the idea into an actionable plan — as we watch Sparkle’s progesterone on the slow march to ovulation — has meant a lot of open doors and drawers around here lately.

To be continued.

A Transition

I am struck — once again — about how life goes on with that strange mixture of sorrows and hope. I am sorry to share that Kay and Sue said good-bye to their Rock Star Ruben yesterday — how glad I am that I was able to spend time with him in November…

Ruben and me.jpg

Ruben was almost 10.5 years — a long and well-loved life but it is simply never long enough. He was a talented, sweet, and wonderful dog — the son of Cadi and Jed. I know I speak for so many when we send our heartfelt condolences to Kay and Sue.

Here We Go.

Do you know what this means?

Progesterone testing has commenced!

Progesterone testing has commenced!

Yes, it is time to welcome you all to Sparkle’s Excellent Adventure.

Because April 4 was not complicated enough, with that whole “Oops, you are actually not heading into heart failure after all” fiasco (aka be careful with cut and paste in electronic medical records), Sparkle chose that morning to come into season.

And because apparently the day had space for MORE, I got an email that very morning from the owner of the long-planned stud dog saying that he was not currently available — for good reasons and nothing to do with Sparkle. But still…

Good thing the cake wasn’t yet ordered.

Good thing the cake wasn’t yet ordered.

Poor Sparkle.

Much disappointment and sadness all around ensued. But there was no time to waste — we needed a solid Plan B.



To be continued…